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Information bus signal converter

[Product image]: Information bus signal converter

Installed in the pressure hull of the submersible research vehicle, this system interfaces the signals input from the various sensors to the onboard CAN bus. Integrating compatibility with various signal interfaces into common compact unit design, the system reduces the installation space.


  • Ultra-compact/lightweight design of 5 cm square foot print/100 g
  • Scalability with modular software structure
  • Customizable for enclosure shape and connector

Standard Configuration

Control Signal Output Onboard CAN-Bus output
Interface RS232C to CAN-Bus conversion
RS232C(10mA Current-Loop) to CAN-Bus conversion
Analog (4 - 20mA) to CAN-Bus conversion
Discrete to CAN-Bus conversion
* Device to connect and Data format can be configured by software programing.
Power Input DC24V
Power Consumption 2W or Less
Environmental Conditions Operating Temperature -0~+40°C
Non-Operating Temperature -10~+50°C
Humidity:35~96% RH
Dimensions, Mass 50(W)*50(D)*20(H)mm, 100g or Less
EMI Compliant to JIS F 0808 Fast Transient / Burst Test

*Please contact us for the detailed specification.

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