Technology / Specification

Fuel Cell Control Unit

[Product image]: Fuel Cell Control Unit

Control system to monitor overcharge/discharge, and temperature and to control valves of the fuel cells onboard . The operation sequence is fully software programmable and supports real-time monitoring of operation status by an external PC (Ethernet communication).


  • Compatible with various interfaces (voltage, temperature and pressure, etc.)
  • Customizable for enclosure shape, input/output signals, and connector

Standard Configuration

Functions Over-charge / Over-discharge / Overheat / Overcool Detection
Hydrogen Level, H2/O2 Pressure Detection, etc
Real Time Monitoring via Ethernet
Power Input +28VDC
Power Consumption 100W or Less
Environmental Conditions Operating Temperature 0~+55°C
Non-Operating Temperature -15 to +65°C
Humidity 95% or Less (Non Condensing)
Dimensions, Mass 530(W)*500(D)*280(H)mm , 30kg or Less
EMI RTCA/DO-160 compliant

*Please contact us for the detailed specification.

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