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Auxiliary power control Unit

[Product image]: Auxiliary power control Unit

Control system of the various valves corresponding to start-up of the engine by monitoring analog and discrete signals from the aircraft. The operation sequence is fully software programmable and supports real-time monitoring of operation status by an external PC (RS-422 communication).


  • Supporting various interfaces (various bus, analog, discrete)
  • High reliability with redundancy system
  • Customizable for enclosure shape, input/output signals, connector and redundancy configurations

Standard Configuration

Digital Interface 1553B/RS-422, etc
Analog Signal Input DC Voltage/DC Voltage/ Frequency etc.
Discrete Signal Input 28VDC / OPEN / GND etc.
Redundancy Design Double Redundant Internal Circuits
Power Input +28VDC(MIL-STD-704)
Power Consumption 50W or Less
Environmental Conditions MIL-HDBK-5400 Class 1
Dimensions, Mass 300(W)*100(D)*120(H)mm, 3.0kg or Less

*Please contact us for the detailed specification.

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