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Signal Processing Unit

[Product image]: Signal Processing Unit

Signal processor to interface the aircraft system bus and connected equipments through customer software under a real-time (RT) OS. The recorder and removable memory can be connected externally to the processor unit. The system has a wide variety of interfaces and is flexibly compatible with different applications.


  • Compatible to various interfaces
  • High reliability with redundant system
  • Customizable for enclosure shape, various input/output signals, connector, redundant configuration, and recording capacity
  • Transfer data from the processor to external memory via Ethernet

Standard Configuration

Digital Interface 1553B/ARINC429/Ethernet, etc
Analog Signal Input AC/DC/Frequency/Synchronize/Vibration sensor/Phase sensor, etc
Discrete Signal Input 28VDC/OPEN/GND, etc
Alarm announcement - inside/outside aircraft Electronic speech circuit (Externally Programmable)
Audio Output
OS RTOS (VxWorks) loaded or BSP can be supplied.
Customer Operation Software can be supported
High reliability design Redundancy System can be configured by Mutual monitoring of multiple signal processing unit
Removable memory unit capacity 64GB
Power input +28VDC(MIL-STD-704)
Power consumption 75W or less
Environmental Conditions MIL-HDBK-5400 Class 1B
Dimensions, Mass Processor: 120(W)×300(D)×195(H)mm、7.5kg or less
Recorder: 150(W)×150(D)×30(H)mm, 0.6kg or less
Detachable memory : 100(W)×150(D)×20(H)mm, 0.4kg or less

*Please contact us for the detailed specification.

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