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Battery Monitoring Module

[Product image]: Battery Monitoring Module

Battery Monitoring system to adjust the cell balance monitoring excessive charge, discharge, and temperature of onboard lithium ion battery. The system has a low power consumption design.


  • Overcharge protection function with triple redundancy configuration
  • High precision cell voltage detection
  • Customizable for module size, number of monitoring cells, and threshold value of overcharge/discharge and temperature

Standard Configuration

Function Overcharging / Over-discharging / Abnormal temperature detection
Redundancy 2 Boards Configuration
Power Input +12 to 36.5VDC
Power Consumption 5W or Less
Environmental Conditions Operating Temperature -18 to +70°C
Non-Operating Temperature -30 to +80°C
Humidity 95% or Less (Non Condensing)
Dimensions, Mass (W)250*(D)100*(H)60mm, 0.5kg or Less (2 Boards)
EMI RTCA/DO-160 compliant

*Please contact us for the detailed specification and customization of monitoring threshold value and other control logic.

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