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Multi Data Recorder

[Product image]: Multi Data Recorder

Multi-data-recorder is a high reliability recording system that records various data including bus data and images of aircrafts, ground vehicles, and ships to memory cartridge converting to digital data.


  • Utilization for operational education and training
  • Utilization for disaster relief and peacekeeping missions
  • Utilization for accident investigation of aircraft, vehicles, and ships
  • Utilization for maintenance

Standard Configuration

Recordable data Analog Data: Image, audio, voltage/current value, etc.
Digital Data: Contact relay signal, Hi/Lo signal, etc.
Data-bus: MIL-STD-1553B,CAN-bus, etc.
Output Interface Digital Data, Data-bus, Analog Data
Recording capacity Standard: 60GB (Max: 200GB)
Power Input +28VDC(MIL-STD-704)
Power consumption 57W or less
Environmental Conditions Operating temperature -40°C~71°C
Non-operating temperature -54°C~95°C
Dimensions, Mass video recorder: 122mm(W)×171mm(D)×148mm(H), 3.0kg
memory cartridge: 116mm(W)×89mm(D)×14mm(H), 0.3kg

*Customizable for enclosure shape, various input/output signals, and connector upon customer request. Please contact us for the detailed specification.

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