Technology / Specification

Data Analyzer System

[Product image]: Data Analyzer System

The Data Analysis System to replay and evaluate the flight path and flight data, by downloading the data on the ground.


  • Objective evaluation/analysis by recorded image
  • Disaster analysis
  • Situation awareness and evidence of justice in the event of an emergency
  • Prompt accident investigation
  • For Training purpose
  • Efficient for Fault Analysis and preventive maintenance

Standard Configuration

Data Downloading Function Download from the video recorder to universal recording media.
Image Playback Function Playback recorded images (motion) and audio from multiple signal sources synchronizing to the reference clock time. Also capable of identifying ranges of time by the data extraction process.
Data Process / Control Function Extracts and exports recorded Bus data to other data format (CSV etc.) synchronizing to recorded video data.
Data Replay Function
  • Bus Data
  • Discrete Data
  • GPS Time, Longitude / Latitude / Altitude Data, Ground Speed, Ground Track Angle Synchronizing to GPS Clock
  • Trajectory Data from multiple vehicles synchronizing to reference clock on single map
System Requirements Commercial power supply / Indoor environment

*Software customization and support are available upon request. Please contact us for detailed specifications.

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