Technology / Specification

Telemeter Receiver / Analyzer system

[Product image]: Receiving antenna, Receiver/analyzer

The telemeter receiver and analyzer system to analyze the data transmitted from the telemeter after decoding the original data or image data.
KAI develops and supplies the receiver/analyzer meeting the requirements by designing the system coincide with a target telemeter.


  • Utilization for track path data analysis in aircraft and vehicles
  • Utilization in a portable remote measurement system by accommodating compact sizing
  • Utilization for remote measurement/remote monitoring of the crustal deformation

Standard Configuration(Receiver/analyzer)

Receiving Frequency 2,200MHz to 2,400MHz
Min Receiving Sensitivity -90dBm
Max Receiving Input Level +20dBm
Noise Figure 5dB or Less
Analysis / Processing Function
  • Decoding and Converting PCM Signal
  • Decoding and Displaying Video Data
  • Imposing Trajectory Data and Map Data
  • Recording and Exporting Received Data

Standard Configuration(Receiving antenna)

Receiving Frequency 2,100MHz to 2,500MHz
Polarization Vertical/Horizontal/Circular Polarization
Antenna Gain 15dBi or More
LNA Noise Figure 0.4 dB or Less
LNA Gain 45dB or More

*Customizable for enclosure shape, various input / output signals, and connector according to customer requirements.

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