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Vessel-onboard Gyroscope

[Product image]: Vessel-onboard Gyroscope

Gyroscope system to detect attitude and turning rate of a vessel. Acquiring signals from the gyroscope, the vessel's attitude controller controls vessel attitude.


  • Attitude (two axis: roll, pitch), turning rate (single axis: yaw)
  • Analog (synchro), digital (ARINC429) output
  • Integrated self-diagnosis function
  • High reliability with maintenance free
  • Customizable for unit shape and output signal interface

Standard Configuration

Detection range Roll angle ±45°or more
Pitch angle ±45°or more
Yaw angular rate ±20°/s or more
Output signal Roll angle synchro output 11.8VL-L、ARINC429
Pitch angle synchro output 11.8VL-L, ARINC429
Yaw angular rate AC amplitude modulation output, ARINC429
Accuracy Roll angle ±0.5°or less
Pitch angle ±0.5°or less
Yaw angular rate ±0.1°/s or less
Power input AC115V, 400Hz, Single-phase
Power consumption 35VA or less (stationary)
Environmental Conditions Indoor
Temperature +5~+55°C
Humidity 20~80%(Non Condensing)
Dimensions, Mass 130(W)×430(D)×120(H)mm、4.3kg
Alignment time Three minutes or less

*Please contact us for the detailed specification.

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