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Motion Test Table

[Product image]: Motion Test Table

Motion Test Table to oscillate with customer-specific amplitude and period is capable of testing large scale specimen. Suitable for simulating vessel oscillation.


  • Three axes of roll, pitch, and yaw
  • Max payload of 250 kg
  • High reliability
  • Customizable Angular Freedom and payload capacity

Standard Configuration

Angular Freedom Roll ±25°
Pitch ±25°
Yaw ±160°
Oscillation Range Roll ±15°
Pitch ±15°
Yaw ±15°
Oscillation Cycle Roll 4~20 sec
Pitch 4~20 sec
Yaw 4~20 sec
Max Angular Velocity At Payload of 250kg, oscillating amplitude ±15 degrees, cycle time 4 seconds.
Roll ±24°/s
Pitch ±24°/s
Yaw ±24°/s
Angular Resolution 0.01°
Input Power AC200V, 50/60Hz, Three-phase
Power Consumption 10A or less (excluding inrush)
Environmental Conditions Indoor
Temperature 0~+40°C
Humidity 20~80%(Non Condensing)
Dimensions, Mass Test table unit 2,900(W)×1,900(D)×1,800(H)mm、3,700kg
Controller unit 570(W)×850(D)×1,850mm(H)、190kg
Payload Capacity 250kg

*Please contact us for the detailed specification.

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