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For Vehicle

We provide monitoring instruments for the environment, including a meteorological sensor and wind-speed sensor for military vehicles. As an applied product in the flight data recorder, we developed a mission data recorder for Vehicle equipped with a large-capacity memory for recording images from in-vehicle cameras on the vehicle state and operation data.

Vehicle Data Recorder

We developed a mission data recorder for Vehicle used to record the images from an in-vehicle camera, vehicle operation data, and the state of in-vehicle equipment for use in the assessment of the state of impact and the expediting of troubleshooting the vehicles.

  • [Product image]: Mission Data Recorder

Refer here for the detailed product.

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Monitoring instruments for environmental

We offer a crosswind sensor for the highly precise detection of crosswinds that affect the accuracy of a bombardment, as well as a meteorological sensor, which is used to measure the direction and speed of winds necessary for activities in environmentally polluted areas.

  • [Product image]: Crosswind Sensor
  • [Product image]: Meteorological Sensor

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