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Company owned equipment

Production Equipment

KAI is fully equipped with PCB mounting systems under the effectively designed production line. By applying vacuuming control mechanism Reflow Furnace, we are capable to provide highly reliable “void-free” products constantly.

  • [Product image]: Solder paste printing machine
  • [Product image]: Automatic chip mounter
  • [Product image]: Vacuum reflow furnace
  • [Product image]: Selective trace soldering system

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Inspection Equipment

Our high quality is sustained by visual inspection machine to remove the external & soldering defects, by in-circuit tester to check the electric circuit, as well as by micro-focus X ray inspection system to confirming the mounting of BGA and other parts.

  • [Product image]: Visual inspection machine
  • [Product image]: In-circuit tester
  • [Product image]: Micro-focus X-ray inspection system

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Testing Equipment

To prevent initial failures, we are conducting Burn-in test (Vibration and Temperature cycles) to improve our quality further better prior to shipment. In addition, we have various testing equipment by product specifications including 3-axis motion simulator for performance confirmation of gimbal / stabilization products, shield room for checking the wireless communication products.

  • [Product image]: Shield room
  • [Product image]: Vibration tester
  • [Product image]: Temp-Altitude test system
  • [Product image]: 3-axis motion simulator

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