Company Profile


1952: Inauguration under the name Nihon Air Carrier Service Co. Ltd.
1956: The business name was changed to Kanto Aircraft Instrument Co. Ltd.
1957: Acquisition of a business license with the revision of the Aircraft Manufacturing Industry Act
1967: Production launch of the Attitude Heading Reference System for P-2J
1978: Production launch of the Automatic Pilot System for P-3C
1991: Production launch of the Stabilizer for Japan Coast Guard patrol ships
1993: Production launch of the Flight Data Recorder for SH-60J
1995: Production launch of the Tactical Air Navigation for UH-60JA
1996: Transferred the headquarters to the present address
1998: Certified the JIS Q 9001 Quality Management System
2000: Production launch of the Telemeter for AAM-5
2003: Certified the JIS Q 9100 Aerospace Quality Management System
2004: Certified the JIS Q 14001 Environmental Management System
2005: Production launch of the Lithium-ion Battery Monitoring Unit for Boeing 787 aircraft
2006: Launch of maintenance services for the explosives detection systems
2012: Certified as repair shop of ACUTRONIC USA Inc.
2013: Certified as repair shop of AERODATA AG (Germany)

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